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Student Spotlight: Sharon Chung

By Connor Williams

Sharon Chung founded MSJ’s very first fashion club. The Smoke Signal recently got the chance to talk to Sharon about the club and what she is planning for it.

Smoke Signal: Can you give us a general idea of what the club is about?
Sharon Chung: The club’s name is “A La Mode”, which in French means “in style”. The club is a high school branch of the Fashion Institute of Design nd Merchandise (FIDM). The club is also connected with all of the other FIDM clubs across the nation. I guess what we’re all about is breaking away from everyone’s stereotype that everyone at Mission wants to be doctors, lawyers, or scientists.

SS: Why did you start the club?
SC: Last year I attended a San Francisco fashion show, and afterwards I went to their open house. This got me interested in fashion, so then I went online and looked at some more information on fashion groups, and that’s how I found out about the option for a club here at Mission. Then all it took was getting a group together and getting the club approved.

SS: What do you during an average club meeting?
SC: We had our first meeting on September 24 and it went great! We are planning to have a different theme for every month. Each theme will celebrate a style, project, or designer; this month’s theme will be vintage. We will also have members show each other how to make their own bits of fashion. We are also trying very hard to have appeal to guys as well as girls.

SS: What events will your club be hosting? Will there be activities with the club outside of school.
SC: Once linked to the FIDM network, the institute will be sending us a lot of information for fashion shows around the area. We also hope that we can get organized enough to put together a school fashion show showing the talents of our designers and models. We have also planned group shopping sprees so that the club members can relax and bond outside of school.

SS: How can students get involved with the club?
SC: We will be putting meeting dates into the morning announcements. We also have a Facebook group,, and email list that will help those interested stay informed. We want to encourage everyone interested the come to our meetings held in E7 during lunch and see if it is for hem. We are really trying to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable learning about fashion.

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