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Sports on the Dance Floor

Since the beginning of civilization, sports have been a source of recreation and physical activity for people across the globe. Yet dance, which has been present in every culture in history and by definition requires skill and physical prowess, is not considered a sport. Though generalized as a performing art based on its expressive nature, it is undeniable that dance possesses the four characteristics that define any sport:

Athleticism. Watch any dance performance by a professional dancer, and athleticism is obvious. Comparable to that of a sprinter who bursts into movement out of the starting blocks and a cross-country skier who travels miles of flat terrain, the mix of explosive energy with endurance is unquestionable.

Practice. Dancers spend countless hours perfecting technique and practicing the finesse needed to accomplish the physical feats demanded of their bodies.

Competition. Dancers nationwide compete against one another in various styles. Many believe dance is not competitive because it is largely judged on audience appeal on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, but not all sports are determined by a goal or finish line. Like diving, figure skating, and even baseball, there are judges and referees in place to determine the degree of skill or execution by the athlete on well-defined technical criteria.

Talent. If you don’t think dance displays the talent of the athlete, go watch an old Homecoming video or attend your friends dance recital. If not more than in other sports, dancers know how to showcase and utilize talent. Not everyone can dance.



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Written by Hannie Dong, Diya Roy, Megan Bernstein, and Alissa Gwynn
Mar 19, 2010 at 04:20 PM

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