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Berkeley Students Study MSJ Hotspots

“What makes Fremont special?” Willow Lung-Amam, a Ph.D. in landscape architecture and environmental planning at UC Berkeley and her students aimed to find out. They recently conducted a survey for a project that they do every year called Heart and Soul. The purpose of this project is to find what places people feel define their city. The students then analyze the top response in order to find out what social and physical aspects appeal to a specific community.

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Students give their ‘heart for your gun’

This past month, English Teacher Lili Kim, and her freshmen and junior students spent their Wednesday lunches brainstorming on ways to help the raise awareness and money about human trafficking. Kim’s past students already held a benefit concert last year called “Not for Sale” that mostly involved seniors. This year, however, Kim hopes to attract a wider range of participants for the upcoming concert on April 30.

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UCs and CSUs Implement Waitlist Process

On February 8, the University of California (UC) Board of Regents released a bulletin announcing that eight UC campuses, all excluding Merced and Los Angeles,…