Guide to Bullet Journaling: Student Features

By A&E Editors Stephanie Dutra & Hana Sheikh

The Smoke Signal collected student responses of their own bullet journals through an online form to accompany the Guide to Bullet Journals in-print coverage. This online extension features student submissions to share the creativity of spreads and inspire others to create their own bullet journals.

Shirley Wong, 12


Amy Chen, 11
Instagram: @amy.studies


Juana Li, 11
Instagram: @studyoblivion


Shialan Yu, 10


Vaidehi Gupta, 11
Instagram: @vaistudies


Emily Zou, 10
Instagram: @studiemily


Michelle Huang, 11
Instagram: @chubbie.studies


Serena Huang, 10

Photos courtesy of Amy Chen, Michelle Huang, Serena Huang, Vaidehi Gupta, Juana Li, Shirley Wong, and Emily Zou
Graphic by Graphics Editor Evangeline Chang

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