Boba Locations in the Bay

By Staff Writers Stephanie Dutra, Vicki Xu & Richard Chenyu Zhou

The MSJ student’s voracious appetite for milk tea is no secret: students consume the drink as a post-finals decompressor, a hangout option, or a sign of support for Relay for Life teams. Given the multitude of milk tea places across the East Bay, the Smoke Signal compiled a list of 11 milk shops that are not so well-known at MSJ, but deserve recognition all the same. Check out the map below to learn more!

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  1. This is a fantastic article. Great Job Steph. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. I remember when you were a little girl, you would never put down a pencil, and now look, you are a writer for the Smoke Signal. I have never been more proud. Love you
    Kelli <3

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