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MSJ VAMS Performs in Annual Benefit Concert

By Staff Writer Julia Park

MSJ Visual Arts and Music for Society (VAMS) held their annual benefit concert at Irvington High School’s Valhalla Theater on December 22 in collaboration with Irvington High School’s VAMS and Resonance! club as well as John F. Kennedy High School’s VAMS. The concert, called “Hymns for Haiti,” raised money for those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

The officers of Irvington High School’s Resonance! club, the school’s music club, led the overall effort. Students who wished to perform submitted an audition, which Resonance! reviewed and selected for musicality, variety, and uniqueness. Other student volunteers formed the stage crew, sold tickets, and made decorations and props for the stage and photo booth. “We’re amazed that we had five groups from MSJ perform. That’s a record number because the majority of groups in our concert are usually from Irvington [High School],” said MSJ VAMS President YC Xing.

All proceeds from the annual benefit concert traditionally go to a natural disaster relief fund. This year, the three schools decided to donate to UNICEF’s fund for Haiti, which is still recovering from the 10.0 earthquake in 2010. The concert’s ticket revenue raised $1075.

The Syncopasians perform their rendition of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. Left to right: Andy Zhou (12), Max Chou (9), Brandon Do (11), Amy Chen (10), Aman Chopra (11), Emily Jean (11), Lucille Njoo (12), Anita Sun (9), Felisha Li (11), Divya Rangavajjhala (11), Kristine Yuan (10), Mallika Gupta (11)

MSJ Perfect Noise opens the concert with “Too Close” by Alex Care. Left-to-right: Suraj Jamuar (11), Joshua Kim (11), Emily Jean (11), Andy Zhou (12), Justin Lau (12)

Seniors Vincent Chiang and Rui-Jie Yew sing Dave Barnes’ “Christmas Tonight” with piano accompaniment by Senior Chitra Dassapa.

Crew L.A.F. dances to a remix of Jessie J’s “Flashlight,” Vanic X Machineheart’s “Circles,” DJ Snake’s “Middle” (feat. Bipolar Sunshine), and Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” Left to right: Ashley Chen (12), Tiffany Li (12), Ha Vy Nguyen (12)

Photos by Staff Writer Julia Park

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