2016 Relay For Life Live Coverage – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

By: Staff Writer Carolyn Ge 

Photos By: Staff Writers Carolyn Ge and Andrew Kan

MSJ’s Fourth Annual Relay for Life (RFL) kicked off with an opening ceremony that included upbeat music and several dance performances. After Freshman Mary Alamparambil performed her own rendition of the national anthem, RFL Event Lead and MSJ Senior Shivam Parikh delivered an inspirational speech that remembered those who have passed and highlighted the history of RFL at MSJ. He said, “I hope you’re ready for the amazing weekend and event we’ve put together for you today and tomorrow. Stay safe, have fun, and let’s kick cancer’s butt.” He also reported that as of this morning, MSJ has raised a total of $63,220, the most the school has ever made in one year.

After Parikh’s introduction, Faculty Adviser John Boegman gave a short talk commending the RFL Committee on organizing this event. Following this, Freshman Keya Jonnalagadda shared her story about her experience with cancer: her aunt passed away less than six months ago. She talked about celebrating life and all the special moments with family and loved ones during the time that we have with them.

In addition to the speeches, the opening ceremony featured two special dance performances by Senior Natalie Sin and Juniors Anthony Bowser and Stephen Tselikov. The audience clapped appreciatively after each dancer took the stage. Finally, the opening ceremony concluded as the survivors and caregivers took their special lap around the track while holding the RFL banner.

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