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MSJ Screens “The Hunting Ground”

History teacher Bill Jeffers and counselors Deanne Andrews, Ivy Lee, Joanna Jensen, and Lindsay Rotter screened The Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexual assault and rape on college campuses, on April 7 in C-120. Parents and students, especially seniors, were encouraged to attend.

The Hunting Ground, which was produced by Chain Camera Pictures, sheds light on college sexual assault cases, which are often unreported, and have, in the past, rarely resulted in consequences for the alleged rapist. The documentary included stories and interviews from rape survivors, professors, police, college administrators, and activists. It also reported on the official policies. In some colleges, a student found guilty of sexual assault could be suspended for as little as one day or simply write an essay.

The documentary was shown at MSJ to create awareness. Jeffers said, “You’re paying a lot of money to go to college. You have the right to know what the college is doing.” Jensen added, “I also think a key thing to ask colleges is ‘How does my child report something?’ If something were to happen, what do they do here? Because there is an answer to that question. There is a protocol, whether or not it’s followed.”

After the documentary ended, a brief discussion was held. The counselors are hoping to show the documentary in coming years as well.

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