Types of Trick-or-Treaters and Candy Givers

By: Staff Writers Andrew Kan and Brian Tseng 

It’s almost Halloween again, and everyone seems to be preparing for its trick-or-treat tradition.  Before you start thinking about what to dress up as or what candy you’re going to buy, make sure to check out the Smoke Signal edition of Trick-or-Treaters and Candy Givers!

Candy Givers

1. The Bowl(er)

Have you ever seen a big bowl outside, and ran to see if there was any candy left (there never is)?  These people want to give out candy but don’t feel like doing it personally, so they choose the next best thing.

2. The Scare

Some young college graduates think it’s funny to have someone hiding somewhere on their porch to scare you when the other person opens the door. They’re the ones who put the trick in “trick-or-treat.”

3. The Average Joe

Most people just give you candy and send you on your way, thus fulfilling their obligation towards holiday-goers.  Though much of their candy is small and store-bought, they make up the bulk of your candy supply.

4. The Tryhard

It’s easy to tell the attentive apart from the lazy.  With all the amazing decorations on the lawn, spooky costumes when they open the door, and the best candy, the tryhards make Halloween appear to come alive.

5. The Absentee

There’s always a few houses with the lights turned off and the shades drawn. It looks like nobody’s home, but those houses are just missing holiday spirit.

6. The Doctor

These health fanatics give you healthy snacks like raisins instead of actual candy.  The worst feeling is when you’re almost done with candy and start to see those granola bars.

7. The Seasonal

Calendars mean nothing to them and they tend to give you Easter eggs or candy canes instead of caramel and chocolate.  They’re usually also the people who put up Christmas lights as decorations.


1. The Beggar

Everyone always wants more, and you are usually kind enough to keep the sweets coming.  When they’re with others, your candy seems to vanish mysteriously.

2. The Trashy

Trick-or-treaters include all types of people, even the messy ones.  These people tend to leave your candy wrappers on your lawn, making a mess you have to clean up the next day.  

3. The Mask

Usually older children tagging along with their younger friends, these people wear a grotesque mask and are satisfied with their look.  You, however, usually are not.

4. The Saber

There’s always some for whom costumes aren’t enough and bring flashy accessories, whether they’re dressed up as Jedi, fairies, or the grim reaper. Unfortunately, they sometimes get a little too swing-happy with their fancy weaponry.

5.  The Boxhead

Cardboard boxes are perhaps some of the easiest things to convert into a costume. These blockheads just put one over their face and call it a day.

6. The Casual

It’s not about the costume, it’s about getting the candy. These trick-or-treaters have forgotten the joy of dressing up and simply wear a “spooky” shirt, making them the most underdressed around.

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