New Attractions in Fremont

By: News Editor Apoorva Rajanala and Staff Writer Tanvi Raja

Now that school is back in session, MSJ students are constantly looking for new places to visit to rejuvenate from the week. Luckily, Fremont is on board and has a number of locations opening soon, including restaurants and a new movie theater! The Smoke Signal found and researched what are sure to be some of the most popular attractions in the next year.  


Tired of driving to Palo Alto to fulfill your ice cream sandwich cravings? Well tire no more, because CREAM is now opening in Pacific Commons! An audience favorite, CREAM is widely known for its unique method of sandwiching ice cream between cookies. A new company, CREAM was founded in 2010 by Jimmy and Gus Shamieh in Berkeley. Since then, they have expanded to most of California and parts of Nevada. If you’re craving ice cream, cookies, or both, you know the place to go.

Opening Day: October 3, 2015

Location: 43982 Pacific Commons Blvd


Want a cold snack, but don’t want frozen yogurt? Milkcow is a Korean based organic soft serve ice creamery that is new to Fremont! Complete with creamy texture and assorted topping, Milkcow products are one of the healthier options out there. Interested in increasing interest in organic foods, the restaurant advertises its fresh ingredients as well.

Opening Day: September 6, 2015 at 1 PM

Location: 5657 Auto Mall Pkwy.


Known for its crispy chicken strips and chicken sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A is soon to be part of Pacific Commons! Known for its strong philosophy, the fast food restaurant emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and pushes customers to get involved as well. By participating in family activities and encouraging families to eat healthy, Chick-Fil-A encourages customers to “share their story” as well. The chain restaurant has close to 2000 locations and will soon be making its mark in Fremont as well. Whether you’re in the mood for crispy chicken or just want to hang out with friends, you know where your next stop is!

Opening Day: September 23, 2015

Location: 5539 Auto Mall Pkwy

AMC Theaters:

Many of us have grown up with NewPark Mall, although most can agree that it is not the best shopping center around. This holiday season, that will change. NewPark Mall development has announced plans to transform the mall into “one of the East Bay’s leading retail, entertainment and dining destinations”. With a new Restaurant Pavilion and substantial interior renovation, the designers aim to attract a larger consumer base. However, the biggest selling point is the 12-screen AMC Theaters, which include both IMAX and AMC Prime auditoriums with power recliners. This location will include a John’s Incredible Pizza along with other food and drink options. Construction is said to finish this winter season.

Opening Day: Winter 2015-2016

Location: 2086 Newpark Mall, Newark, CA

Now with your list of handy-dandy list of new Fremont attractions, make sure to head out to all the opening days to enjoy some tasty treats and trendy pastimes with friends and family!

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