Bomb Threat at Amador Valley Leads to School Closure

By: Staff Writer Didi Wu


Amador Valley High School has been put on lockdown, as police are investigating a bomb threat. The school is currently closed.

Principal Thomas Drescher received the threat in an email and immediately alerted the police, Lieutenant Jeff Bretzing said to NBC Bay Area. Pleasanton Police Department officers evacuated the campus at about 7 A.M. Students and parents were informed in a recorded phone call by Bretzing and have been told to stay away from campus until further notice.

Bretzing has said officers are searching the campus with the help of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad and a police dog trained to discover explosives. Detectives are also looking into the source of the email.

“[Drescher said]… that the email threatened ‘numerous bombs on campus’”, according to NBC Bay Area. All other schools in the Pleasanton Unified School District are operating as normal.

“Amador teachers are taking action and trying to figure out if it’s okay to go to school. There were lots of police cars at school, and they are trying to take serious action. They have never actually shut down Amador for a bomb threat, so my peers and friends were really surprised about this. Most contact is on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the remind app,” Amador Valley High School Senior Pooja Kumar said.

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  1. I’m an Amador Valley HS student. School has been cancelled for the day. Last year, a bomb threat was called on the day before AP Testing. Most students are not concerned over the threats.

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