June Newsbytes #1

By: Staff Writer Pratham Gupta

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CA Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, Chairman of CA’s Banking and Finance Committee, devised Bill AB-1326 which was approved with a 52 to 22 vote in its favor. If passed by the Senate, this bill will require digital currency businesses to obtain renewable annual licenses. This license, obtained by the Department of Business Oversight, would keep in check how digital currency businesses operate.



The Federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration report on June 3 said that the pipeline which burst on May 19 near Santa Barbara and spilled an estimated 100,000 gallons of crude oil was allowed to corrode to a thickness of one and a half millimeters. The pipeline had had major repairs in 2012, and the spill originated from an area of the pipeline close to that region.



Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko informed the Ukrainian Parliament on June 4 that they needed to prepare to defend against a “full-scale invasion” from Russia. Although the Kremlin has denied any involvement, Poroshenko claimed that they had deployed nearly 9,000 troops. However, the Kremlin has acknowledged that volunteers from Russia have joined the rebels.



A Godzilla statue was designated a “special resident” for Japan’s Shinjuku district in April. He is now a tourist ambassador for the districts’ Godzilla themed hotel – Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. The reason for his residency is “to promote the entertainment and draw visitors from around the globe.” The hotel will also provide the first 3000 fans a copy of his residency certificate.

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