RFL Live Coverage 2015: 9:00-12:00

By: Staff Writer Brian Tseng 

Despite the overcast skies, MSJ’s third annual Relay for Life (RFL) started off with festive music and a memorable opening ceremony. After a rendition of the national anthem by Senior Ian Park, Event Chair Senior Juhi Dalal and Co-chair Junior Shivam Parikh began with a speech about supporting the fight against cancer, thanking the committee chairs for their work. The top three teams for a two-week fundraising competition were introduced, with Purple Peaches taking third, Team Glory Days placing second, and Thaddy World 100 winning first.

Following this, Team Captain John Boegman talked about the importance of celebrating life, and introduced cancer survivor Sophomore Shawn Yip. Yip, who beat cancer in 2003, described the pain in his leg that led to hours of surgical procedures and the potential amputation of one of his limbs. “We are here to give people life,” said Yip. “We have the power to give people life.” After Ashlesha Sathe’s beautiful rendition of “Put Your Records On,” the Survivor and Caregiver Lap commenced, with all RFL participants joining in after the first lap. At 11:00, many people began skipping, with a few participants giving their friends piggyback rides.

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