Class of 2018 Freshmen Homecoming Review



Pumbaa: Woah! I love these decorations!

Timon: I know; look at all the balloons. But really?! That’s all I see. There’s light blue, sky blue, and dark blue!

Pumbaa: I don’t appreciate your sarcastic attitude, Timon. I mean, their backdrop was pretty amazing since it depicted the characters of their theme very well. I especially liked the illustration of Hulk; he looked so real I almost dropped my grub lunch.

Timon: Quiet Pumbaa! The skit is starting! Oh wait, I can’t hear very well because the voices are muffled, and the words aren’t fully enunciated.

Pumbaa: Yeah, I don’t feel the energy in the voices. But, dude, look at those sick costumes! Captain America and Ironman are really rocking their outfits.

Timon: Oh look, here comes the girls’ jazz airband.

Pumbaa: Judging by the kicks, spins, and acrobatic movements, these girls are very talented at dancing, and the songs in the medley fit well together! As the first airband, they really pumped up the crowd.

Timon: It was pretty well-rehearsed, but the transition back into the skit was awkward.

Pumbaa: Wait, I’m kind of confused. What’s happening in the skit? How did Loki get the Tesseract all of a sudden? When did the Avengers catch Loki? Was there even a fight scene? What? How? Why?!

Timon: Take a chill pill Pumbaa. Even though the events in the skit are fast-paced and a little confusing, here come these two girls singing our second favorite song (other than Hakuna Matata, of course)!

Pumbaa: Oh my, I love La La La by Naughty Boys! La la, na na na, la la la…

Timon: Hush, don’t speak! I want to keep watching! Too bad the microphones are having technical difficulties. Everything sounds like static.

Pumbaa: Oh look, the boys’ dance airband! I want those tye-dye shirts and cool shades. Those moves are crazy…but kind of out of sync.

Timon: I think the Bollywood dance is coming up. I like the airbands but more plot would be nice. I kind of want to find out more about the adventures of the Avengers!

Pumbaa: Yeah, I agree. But hey! The girls in the Bollywood dance are really energetic, and their choreography is precise and in unison.

–A few minutes later—

Pumbaa: I enjoyed the start of this, but it’s dragging on for quite a while.

Timon: Oh finally, here comes some more dialogue. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Pumbaa: The second singing airband is nice, but the sound system seems to be acting up a lot today. Fortunately, the freshmen are getting a lot of support from the other classes! People are up on their feet clapping to the rhythm of the song and cheering them on. Unity!

Timon: Whoooo!

Pumbaa: Two airbands back-to-back? Here comes the girls’ hip-hop! Wow, these girls know how to show their spirit and positive flair through dance moves! The freshmen seem very unified as they cheer each other on.

Timon: That’s very true. I mean, just look at their finale dance. With all those people up there, it’s pretty incredible how they move so well together.

Timon: Their teamwork as a class just makes me have tears!

Pumbaa: I’m feeling you, Timon! Come here, give me a hug!

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  1. 1 8 we are great!!! #stayfresh lol!!! we rule x)

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