1:00-2:30: Live Coverage of MSJ Robotics Tournament

By: Melissa Peng

After the twelfth match, with three rounds under each team’s belt, the top three teams are: Team 5353- Pink Fruffy Unicorns from Mission San Jose High, Team 4475- Purple Reign from Sequoia High, and Team 6001- Lemon Drops from Terra Nova High.

Pink Fruffy Unicorns is currently undefeated with three wins, 340 ranking points, and a highest match score of 238. The second- and third-ranked teams, Purple Reign and Lemon Drops are also undefeated, but with only 200 and 164 ranking points, respectively.

Other than Pink Fruffy Unicorns, Mission San Jose High School has three teams at the tournament. They are: Overdrive, Team 4414; Terrorbytes, Team 7864; and Minor Malf(x), Team 5275. After match twelve, they were ranked fifth, twelfth, and fourteenth, respectively.

The last of the qualifying matches will end at around 3:45 p.m. The lowest ranking eight teams will not continue to the next stage, while the top eight teams will pick partners for new alliances going into elimination rounds.



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