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Seniors on Jumpstreet Review


Captain America: As I approached the amphitheater, I was faced by a huge block of red and white. These civilians sure know how to put up a grand sight!

Ironman: I have to agree with you on this one! I especially liked the collage of photos next to the office, as it helped bring back good memories of previous high school years. The huge red posters declaring seniority on either side of the backdrop also made a huge impact. Bow down underclassmen!

CA: Unfortunately, because of the lighting, the glowsticks inside the tunnel next to the N-wing didn’t have the desired effect. Nonetheless, it was a creative idea and they gave a valiant effort. Also, the backdrop was extremely detailed and definitely showed the amount of time and effort put into creating it. The piñatas hanging overhead added a bright touch of color to otherwise mainly red decorations.

IM: The performance started with multiple singers that helped pump up the crowd with audience participation. I was singing along and felt really energized and ready for the rest of the performance!

CA: The skit started off on a strong note and took the seniors on a trip down memory lane with references to past homecoming themes. I also thought that the actors were very in sync with the voiceovers, and their expressive acting clarified the plot.

IM: However, the costume of the sophomore character was a little confusing, since he wore red shorts with a pale yellow shirt. Also, I thought it was a little odd that the skit didn’t give the Junior class that much to cheer about. The skit featured some bashing of the Class of 2015.

IM: However, the skit kept the audience engaged with many plot twists that were easy to follow.

CA: Yeah! For example, I did not expect the limo to detach from the ramp and be used as a prop in the skit!

IM: I also liked how the airbands exhibited variety and showed definite enthusiasm and excitement on the dancer’s part. They were amazing… just like me!

CA: Good one Ironman. The first hip hop airband helped get the audience spirited and cheering! Their personalized costumes also were very eye-catching. I especially liked the ballroom dance as it had a lot of daring moves that kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

IM: The amount of time put into choreographing and practicing the ballroom lifts was evident! I was nervous that someone would get hurt, but they pulled it off very professionally.

CA: The Bollywood airband brought the audience to their feet and invigorated everyone with catchy music and animated steps. I wanted to dance along!

IM: Good thing you didn’t.

CA: Unfortunately, I thought that the transitions from the skit to the airbands were a little awkward and hard to follow at times. Some of the airbands seemed out of place with the theme of the skit.

IM: Don’t be so harsh! The senior class made sure to cheer to cover up any pauses between scenes. I thought that the all-boys airband brought an element of humor to the performance through the use of classic love songs such as Lion King’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

CA: One of my favorite performances was the Tahitian airband that helped promote class unity through the use of all the class colors. Talking about unity, the seniors ended the skit by paying homage to MSJ alumni and reminding the upperclassmen to set a good example for generations to come.

IM: Stop being so sentimental! I was really feeling the performance, especially when the dancers came down the stage and performed right in front of the crowd.

CA: The last hip hop airband grabbed my attention with unique choreography and a short section of break-dancing. The enthusiasm of the dancers was evident and ended the senior homecoming performance on a brilliant note. I was feeling chills when all the performers united onstage for a final cheer.

IM: Towards the end of the airband, four banners were unraveled, which I thought was a nice surprise and fitting ending to the Senior’s last homecoming.

CA: The piñatas near the stage opened and released candy into the crowd. It was a sweet surprise.

IM: The seniors gave an unforgettable performance today and they left a lasting legacy at MSJ!


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