Wreck it Sophomores Review

Mary Jane: Today’s sophomores definitely took a step up from yesterday’s freshmen with their expansive decorations.

Peter Parker: My spider silk nearly got caught up in the balloons stretched across the amphitheater! The decorations were commendable, but what really got my attention was their well-executed skit and dashing airbands.

MJ: As I sat down on the benches in the horseshoe, I realized that they had morphed into video game consoles over night.

Peter: Yeah, but the backdrop wasn’t very original and the walls could definitely have used more decoration.

MJ: Stop being such a pessimist, Peter. At least their skit was entertaining – many of the voiceovers such as that of King Kennedy had a creative flair, and Vanellope was simply adorable!

Peter: Well, it wasn’t even supposed to be King Kennedy – King American, more like. The beginning of the skit was also pretty confusing because it was hard to tell exactly which characters represented each grade level. Vanellope and Calhoun didn’t come out immediately, creating a sense of confusion because some of the city workers were wearing blue and black. In addition, the antagonist wasn’t introduced until halfway through the skit.

MJ: Give them a break already! Their costumes were fitting, especially those of Ralph and Vanellope.

Peter: Mhm. I have to say though, their airbands really blew me away and wowed the entire audience.

MJ: They were fantastic! Their acapella group was so creative; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an act before.

Peter: It was a mash up inspired by Pitch Perfect and the technical difficulties marred its potential excellence.

MJ: The sophomores didn’t let the technical difficulties have any lasting effect on their performance though. Their next Bollywood act took the stage with a storm of bright gold skirts and well-choreographed moves. I also like how the boys jumped up onstage to join the show!

Peter: Please, I could have swung up with much more elegance. That martial arts fight scene could have definitely been cut down and the all boys airband lacked uniqueness.

MJ: You’re such a depressing person. The hip hop and contemporary dances invigorated the crowd and definitely showed the hours of practice that were put in.

Peter: I guess so. My spidey-senses did tingle when the sophomores all stood up to chant along to “We Will Wreck It.”

MJ: They finished strong with Ralph’s touching speech and final dance with all performers in synchronization.

Peter: Even I felt the roar of all the classes while watching, perched atop my web.

MJ: Personally, I was swept away by the sophomores’ energy and I think they definitely have a promising two years ahead of them.

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