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Bay Area Weather

By: Jason Chen

Students at MSJ experienced soggy shoes and soaked clothing as stormy weather hit the Bay Area last week. Rainfall accumulated from the storm reached as high as ten inches in certain areas across the Bay Area. In anticipation of the storm, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) issued sandbags to prepare for any flooding.

The storm was powerful enough to cause power outages and temporarily halt Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) service. Fremont was also hit hard by the storm as the weeklong rainfall knocked down trees and flooded certain roads, making transportation difficult.

All MSJ students were directly impacted as the rain made getting to school extremely difficult, whether by car or by foot. Physical Education classes also had to cancel mile runs and outside activities due to the soaked fields. Individuals who walked to school on the creek path noticed the powerful currents and higher water level in the creek. Increased rainfall rendered the creek path treacherous as mud now consumes most of the walkway.

Thankfully, the brunt of the storm has passed but some light showers are still expected throughout this week. Starting next week, students can finally say goodbye to the puddles, as the sun will finally come out.

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