Step Up Sophomores Review

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38 Comments on "Step Up Sophomores Review"

  1. wow this is an amazing review!

  2. Anti-Plagiarism Parent | October 16, 2012 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    It is patently obvious that the 2013 Sophomore decorations were based on the 2014 Sophomore Decorations. The Marquee was almost identical , the Tunnel seemed like a weak replica of the 2014 Bridge,(and was too small to walk through), the cardboard buildings along the left hand side railings were reminiscent of the 2014’s ‘skyline’ of New York.

    That being said, the skit was creative, funny, and original. The airbands were also well executed.

  3. They were ok
    but their deco and ballroom was a rip of previous years
    otherwise impressive
    good review

  4. This review is inadequate.
    Obviously the best part of the 2015 performance was the roller coaster….

    • Yeah dude really this article is hella weird relaly Pheneas and Ferb. Common seriously tell us who you are.

      • they don’t tell us who they are ’cause otherwise a ton of people would be on them and complaining about their opinions. why would they subject themselves to that?

  5. OmG Seriously i was really offended by the senior portrayal in the skit. Really no emotion at all. you do you think we are sophomores.

  6. It upsets me that everyone just reduces our homecoming to “a rip-off of 2014”. After all of our hard work starting from June, it’s just reduced to THAT?! Come on, that doesn’t really seem too c14ssy to me.
    And thanks for writing the review.

    • Um as a sophomore i really think this was a copy from 2014 also. Common lets be unique next year.

    • When you use scenes from
      boys booty
      dancing in general
      and our deco layout with bridge and what not
      it is kinda considered rip-off of 2014
      plz learn to be original and take credit for YOUR OWN WORK

      2014 SWAG

    • I’m sorry that you feel that way 2015…maybe after watching this year’s 2014 skit you’ll be able to copy them in a way that doesn’t offend anybody. Also you go to Mission…how are you so bad at copying…

  7. Sophomores didn’t copy the Juniors. The two themes are so alike that some similarities are inevitable. The sophomores worked hard but they did not try to copy 2014. Whoever thinks that they did is blatantly ignorant.

    • No one’s saying 2015 didn’t work hard.
      But West Side and Step Up are actually not that similar. And you are blatantly ignorant for not acknowledging the glaring similarities in the ballroom dance (lifts, leg moves, circle formation), song choice and dance moves in other airbands, and the overall feel of the skit and deco. Other examples: ‘serenading’ the female lead with a singing airband in literally the exact same manner as 14? Super saiyan? Junior’s accusations aren’t unfounded. There were a lot of cases of deja vu.

      The point is that it’s okay to let other homecomings influence yours; that’s how freshmen get better. But when there are various cases of repeated moves and themes the CONSECUTIVE year in the SAME grade level, there’s a problem. One or two influences are okay. Entire ideas shoved into another theme are not.

      It sounds like I’m trying underme the work of the sophomores, and I’m really not. They quite literally ‘stepped up’ from last year’s dancing and acting. I’m just among the many disgruntled people wondering why ’15 couldn’t be a little more original.

      • Are you stupid?

        Lifts, leg moves, circle formations….

        Right, I’m pretty sure most ballroom airbands would have these. Next time they can do a hexagon formation and have everyone spin around constantly as to not be accused of unoriginality.

      • Super saiyan? really? your class had completely different choreography and our super saiyan transformation showed how a freshmen transforms into a sophomore. and you reduce us to a rip off because we used the same SOUND? The Poreotics used the Super Saiyan sound too, are you saying they copied you guys? Nice homecoming spirit class of 14!

    • The similarities were not “inevitable”. By saying this, you are basically saying that everything was just a coincidence due to similar themes. By saying that the two themes were so alike and so similarities were inevitable, you are also saying that there is a direct connection between the theme and the airbands. However, there is indeed a direct connection between the theme and airbands, BUT the theme should not have any connection with the specific stunts in the airbands which is what so many juniors are flabberghasted at. There cannot be this many coincidences with the similar stunts in ballroom, boy’s booty, and so many other airbands. The Step Up theme did not force the Step Up sophomores to do the exact same stunts in ballroom nor the use of the “supersaiyen” scene in the boy’s booty. Maybe the Step Up sophomores just needed some inspiration and turned to previous class’s performances for help. Copying the general idea would’ve been a lot better than copying exact stunts. However, this does not apply to the deco similarites. Deco is based around ideas and these ideas tend to be a lot more general such as placement of structures and the overall overlay of deco. West Side sophomores strayed away from the norm and instead of building a walkway covered in balloons and a sea of yellow, the 2014 sophomores built an entire bridge, an idea generally not used. However, the fact that sophomores used that idea (and poorly I must say), it raises many questions. I did not really have a problem with the lack of originality and was not bothered by it; however, it is “blatantly ignorant” for someone to call out the victimized class for the accusations when it was “blatantly” obvious. Thanks for trying though!

  8. Ok. You juniors need to stop telling yourselves that the Sophomores “copied” you.

    First off, how does a subway look remotely like a bridge? Just because you were sophomores when you built an amazing bridge, doesn’t give you the authority to accuse other people of stealing your ideas. EVERY class last year put something up on the ramp and they probably will again this year. Go bash on them instead.

    Secondly, we did NOT steal your choreography. There is only so many moves people can do form ballroom and the reason we did one is cause we wanted to have a more diverse group of dancers. Also, if you are going to say that we copied, be specific. I know for a fact, boys booty didn’t watch your dance and say, “Oh yea, that looks good, lets take that” They found their choreo from YouTube. And if you used the same video, its not our fault. That stuff is public domain.

    Please think about what you are saying before you say it.

    Good luck tomorrow!

    ~Sincerely, Sophomore

  9. Ronald McFondle | October 16, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    I’m a sophomore. What is this?? This was an exact copy of the class of 2014. Really disappointed in my class. Why can’t we be a little more original like the freshman???


  11. can someone please tell me how to be cool

  12. sophomores were a lot better this year!

  13. I just took 5 espresso shots. First of all, I want to say that the night is young. Second of all, people should stop accusing each other over this. After all, the purpose of homecoming is unity between all classes. Wow, I sounded very deep. RON PAUL 2012

  14. Copied the juniors, sophomores did. Still so proud, yoda is.

  15. As a disgruntled junior, I believe the sophomores blatantly copied our homecoming ideas from last year. I believe there is a rule saying that only the class of 2014 can use the railing, have a booty dance and have a ballroom dance. However the thing that irked me most was the fact that they used caution tape. Clearly we patented the use of caution tape last year in West Side Sophomores. Also, PSY granted our class special permission to use Gangnam style, and no other classes can use it.
    Just kidding, I’m a sophomore. Way to stay c14ssy juniors.

  16. As a disgruntled junior, I believe the sophomores blatantly copied our homecoming ideas from last year. I believe Rule 0128 states that only the class of 2014 can use the railing, have a booty dance and have a ballroom dance. However the thing that irked me most was the fact that they used caution tape. Clearly we patented the use of caution tape last year in
    West Side Sophomores. PSY granted us special permission to use Gangnam style as well, so no other class is allowed to use it.
    Just kidding, I’m a sophomore. Stay c14ssy juniors.

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