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As a continuation of the “Music Making Software” article in our March 30 Issue of the Smoke Signal, check out these music samples by student artists!

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Junior Kyle Lam and Senior Adam Homann both make their own music–from scratch. Lam prefers Fuity Loops Studio (read more about FL Studio on page 17 of the March 30 issue) for its easy-to-use style.  When asked for advice to new artists, Lam said, “As for newbies starting out, just watch tons of Youtube videos about soundmaking, especially if you’re into electronica (dubstep, dnb, house, etc.).”

If you’re not interested in using any online softwares, you can also create music straight from your keyboard as Homann does. He uses only one instrument: the KORG M3 88 Key keyboard. This keyboard can play up to 16 different instruments at the same time. Hoffman said, “When you have an idea, put it down. Even if it sounds bad, it at least narrows down your options, so you can work on improvement rather than creation.”

If you liked the music these young artists have made, check out the “Music Making Software” article to learn more about different types of software you can use to create your own music.

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