ASB Election Candidates: Treasurer

By: Anjali Kanthilal
Smoke Signal: What experience do you have working with the student body? How will it show when you become treasurer?

Emily Chen: I’ve been Junior Class Treasurer all year and I’ve also worked alongside the current ASB Treasurer in the student store and his comittee. Through being treasurer in both those positions, I’ve worked with the school accountant, Ms. Stoorza, and I’ve had to file requisitions and make deposits. As ASB Treasurer, I will have to be in charge of a lot more than that because all the club stuff will go through me.


SS: Handling the large sums of money that ASB collects is a tough job. How will you ensure that the money gets to where it needs to be?

EC: First of all, I have to organize the money, which is really difficult. But I’ve learned how to sort through the money and organize it—checks, cash, and different amounts which you have to sort. I developed a new system with the current ASB Treasurer which I will be able to use next year. And, at the beginning of the year, the treasurer sets up a budget of what exactly ASB can or cannot spend the entire school year. This includes buying all the supplies for L2, putting on events, and other stuff. After being in L2 for a year and working with the ASB treasurer, I know where to spend the money and how it should be used.


SS: As you are running unopposed, tell us about yourself and why we should count on you to beMission’s next ASB Treasurer.

EC: I have a lot of experience, and started working with money when I was really little. I had a little store in fifth grade where I would sell stuff. I have a passion for the student store too. It’s like my little store and I want to take care of it. Next year, I want to sell items other than food. We started selling school supplies there, but I want to sell more. I want to bring changes and make it better.

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