New Homecoming Rules of 2011

By: Kerrie Wu

This year, Leadership 2 introduced the Homecoming Agreement Contract, a form which all students need to sign in order to participate in Homecoming performances.  This form lists all regulations regarding Homecoming Week activities, including safety guidelines, performance restrictions, and the punishments for breaking these rules. Most notably, performances may not include sexual or racial references of any type, and students doing dangerous stunts must have prior permission from the activities director and class advisors. This form also includes a new ban on booty dances, which contain explicit material.  A class that performs a booty dance will automatically be demoted to last place.

Though only performers must sign the Homecoming Agreement Contract, all students must sign another contract agreeing to refrain from disruptive behavior and to stay friendly to other classes. “These rules have always been in effect, but now we’ve put them in writing,” said Activities Director Ben Breazeale.

In previous years, the class officers held a great amount of responsibility for the events of Homecoming Week. However, with these forms, that will change. Every student who signs a contract will be responsible for their own actions.  “The biggest change is that instead of holding the class officers accountable for all their classmates, we’re holding every person accountable,” says Breazeale, who hopes that these forms will help enforce regulations through personal accountability. These regulations will keep Homecoming activities fun but safe and appropriate.

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  1. Tip: you don’t have to sign it.

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