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Teacher Quiz (Answers)

Think you know your teachers? The Smoke Signal is putting your knowledge to the test. Match the teacher or administrator to the correct occupation(s) held before becoming a teacher at MSJ.

____ Worked as a United States Air Force officer. Also worked for the California School for the Blind.

____ Drove a school bus for a camp.

____ Was a Paleontological Field Monitor who “cracked rocks” while looking for fossils.

____ Read textbooks and recorded his/her voice onto a tape for a blind student.

____ Was a bartender.

____ Worked at a tanning salon.

____ Worked on an assembly line making Sony televisions. Also put options on Ford trucks and delivered warehouse supplies to Fremont schools.

____ Worked as an insurance claims adjustor who worked with attorneys, went to court, and dealt with property damage after the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles was published.

____ Worked at an ice cream factory and filled half gallon cartons by hand and filled popsicle boxes by hand.

____ Worked on the stereos in Terrell Owens and Ice T’s cars. Also worked at Little Ceasars, Subway Sandwiches, Carls Jr., Anchor Blue, Orchard Supply Hardware, and Trader Joe’s.

A. Ms. Roxanne Ponsi
(World History & Gov/Econ)

B. Mrs. Prairie

C. Mr. Jaime Richards
(Gov/Econ, Psychology, Peer Resource)

D. Mrs. Risha Krishna
(Ethnic Studies & World History)

E. Ms. Jennifer Moore
(English 10A)

F. Mr. Jeff Evans
(US History & World History)

G. Mrs. Nancy Benton
(Gov/Econ & AP World History)

H. Mrs. Tori Ha
(AP Psychology & Gov/Econ)

I. Ms. Lisa Ishimine
(AP Enviromental Science)

J. Ms. Elizabeth Waller
(English 9H/11H)

Highlight below to see answers!
Answers (in order): C, H, I, G, J, E, A, D, B, F

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