How you can help Japan

By: Vishal Bajpai


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On Friday, March 11th, a terrible earthquake hit Japan. At 9.0 on the Richter scale the earthquake produced over 50 aftershocks, at least seven of which were at least 6.3 on the Richter scale. The quake not only caused damage but also unleashed a huge tsunami which has killed at least 4,164 individuals while 12,000 remain unaccounted for. The terrible tragedy continues to unfold as more aftershocks hit Japan and the country deals with damage to its nuclear facilities.

The MSJ community has responded to this horrific event with hope and compassion; many school organizations have set up fund-raising campaigns to provide money for relief.



Key Club’s Got Talent

This year’s annual Key Club’s Got Talent has a super hero theme, and will be on March 26 at 7:30 PM at Chadbourne Elementary. MSJ Key Club will be donating all proceeds to aid Japan relief efforts. The show, which has historically been a success, not only has many exciting acts featuring local talents like 3AM, MSJ Syncopasians, MSJ Cor Dance Club, and the Ritards, but also has free food. You can buy tickets for 10 dollars at the Bell Tower at lunch or at the door for 12 dollars. For more information, email


You may have noticed some students walk in to your classroom from AP Japanese to sell paper cranes, wishes, or bracelets for a dollar. These dedicated students are selling these cultural trinkets to help families that have lost everything in Japan. If you aren’t interested in buying any item in particular, donations are still more than welcome. Contact a Japanese student or Japanese teacher Julia Madsen for more information.

MSJ Interact

Interact Coin Wars

Interact has placed empty milk cartons in every class with the hope that you will fill them with change. The money that the school puts into these cartons will then be donated to Shelterbox, an organization that provides  families of up to ten with a tent and the tools they need to survive. Interact has already raised 4,000 dollars through the course of the year for Shelterbox through Coin Wars. If your third period class has donated the most change by the end of the year you could win a pizza, hotdog, or churro party. So donate quickly, save a life, and enjoy a party!


Interact Band of Hope

Keep an eye out for the white rubber bands that Interact is selling to help Shelterbox in Japan. Each band is three dollars and will be sold during read and at the Bell Tower during lunch.


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