Possible School Reopenings in FUSD

By Staff Writers Maggie Lai, Naveed Shakoor, Mingxin Wang & Jackie Wong The Alameda County Public Health Department recently announced that schools in the county would be able to reopen beginning November 9 if they…

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DieHard TryHards Play Among Us

By Staff Writers Kruthi Gollapudi, Naveed Shakoor, Varun Upadhyay, Jerry Yuan, & Brooke Zheng In the past couple of months, Among Us has gone from an unheard-of online multiplayer game to a widespread internet phenomenon….

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Guide to Manifestation

By Staff Writers Maggie Lai, Naveed Shakoor, Tanisha Srivatsa,& Selina Yang With the start of the new year, many people have turned to manifestation in hopes of turning their goals into realities. To share insight…

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