Helen Tian

Co-Editor-in-Chief Senior Helen Tian is the co-Editor-in-Chief, and served as the Arts & Entertainment co-Editor in her junior year. Around campus, she is involved in organizations like Peer Resource and Leadership 2 as well. In…

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Why Vaccines Should be Mandated

By Staff Writers Naveed Shakoor, Helen Tian, & Jerry Yuan Informational: On May 12, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was approved for 12-15 years old, making almost all junior high and high school students in FUSD eligible to receive…

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Season 1 Sportsbytes

By Staff Writers Helen Tian & Jerry Yuan MSJ Cross Country, Swimming, Boys Tennis, and Girls Golf concluded their seasons on April 16. See their scores from the season below. Recent Scores *A default win…

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DieHard TryHards Try Baking Pies

By Staff Writers Nishi Bhagat, Sabrina Cai, Tavish Mohanti, Helen Tian Careful, this content is HOT… out of the oven! In this unique challenge, the DieHard TryHards channel their finely tuned (or not) quarantine baking…

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