Annie Xu

Co-Opinion Manager Senior Annie Xu is the co-Opinion Editor, having previously served as Advertising Manager and Opinion Copyeditor. Outside of the paper, she’s involved in organizations such as MSJ Academic Challenge and MSJ TSA, but…

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Homecoming 2022 Recap Gallery

A week filled with roaring cheers and stunning performances, Homecoming 2022 spotlighted the school spirit, talent, and passion of MSJ students across all grades. Swipe through the Smoke Signal’s photo gallery to relive the highlights…

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MSJ Course Offerings Updates

Disclaimer: All information below regarding course offerings is provided in the course catalog or was taken from administration members, counselors, and department chairs.  By Staff Writers Sakshi Umrotkar, Nithika Valluri, Jerry Yuan Recently, MSJ’s Social…

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Looking Past Proposition 16 to Increase Diversity

By Staff Writers Pradyumn Acharya, Isabella He, & Jerry Yuan Informational  On November 3,  citizens across California voted on Proposition 16, which would have reinstated affirmative action if passed. After the votes were counted, Proposition…

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