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Class of 2020 Post-Graduation Plans

by Staff Writers Sumani Alem, Alisha Chhangani, Lily Oh, Amanda Pang, Sakshi Umrotkar & Alina Zeng

As the end of the 2019-20 school year approaches, the Class of 2020 is preparing to take the next step in their individual journeys. Some will choose to attend college in the fall, while others will take a gap year or enter the workforce promptly. To celebrate Class of 2020’s accomplishments, the Smoke Signal compiled a voluntary list of graduating seniors’ post-graduation plans.

The Smoke Signal asked the Senior Class Officers for their departing words to the Class of 2020 and asked various faculty members to share their perspectives on graduation and the future. This coverage includes a letter addressed to the Class of 2020 as well as teachers’ advice and well wishes to the graduating class.

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