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West Side Sophomores Review

Justin Bieber: As I pulled into the horseshoe parking lot I was struck by the attention-grabbing “Now Playing: West Side Sophomores” sign at the edge of the amphitheater. In fact, all of the decorations made me feel as though I had been transported to the Upper West Side of 1950s New York City.
Selena Gomez: I definitely noticed the bridge structure that lined the edges of the walkway. I peered over the frantically waving pompoms and horns and could see the New York City skyline in vibrant yellow on the other side.

JB: I was particularly appreciative that the well-placed tarp on the damp grass kept my $50 million Fendi outfit pristine.
SG: Did the sun bleach your perfect hair too?

JB: Yes, but the vibrant backdrop distracted me from such distressing thoughts. Also, the initial Martial Arts fight scene certainly kept me captivated. I would learn to do those moves but I might rip my jeans.
SG: The skit was completely clear and very easy to understand! I could understand every part even over the uproar of the crowd. 

JB: At times the cheering made the voiceovers pause while the actors continued performing, making for a lack of voice and acting coordination.
SG: But you can’t deny that the sophomores were well-prepared and worked well with their class theme.

JB: Although the sophomore class should be commended for their efforts in promoting school unity, by the end, all the characters’ lines seemed to become preaches about unity and the dialogue turned even cheesier than that of the standard Homecoming skit.
SG: I did like the flow of the skit, but I was surprised that it did not include the traditional rival school that the classes unite against. In fact the only “antagonist” seemed to be the classes’ lack of school pride.

JB: Don’t be so harsh! The airbands were, on the whole, very good and, for the most part, well integrated into the plot. I specifically enjoyed the ballroom dancing, which was synchronized, clearly well-practiced, and gave each class a chance to cheer. The singing airband was also memorable, as Tony called them in to “serenade” Maria.
SG: The baton twirler earned everyone’s applause, as her talent certainly wowed all the classes. The all-boys dance was entertaining, although the references to Alex Chen were lost to most audience members.

JB: The skit did include several adorably corny pickup lines, and a particularly memorable scene was when Bernardo interrupted Tony and Maria’s final kiss.
SG: Overall, the sophomores put on an impressive performance and garnered praise from other classes and pride from their own. The Class of 2014 definitely raised the bar and has increased the pressure for the upperclassmen over the next two days. Best of luck to the Indiana Juniors tomorrow!


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