Mission Statement:

The Smoke Signal’s mission is to represent the voices of the Mission San Jose High School community and serve the public by providing accurate, meaningful, and engaging information presented through print and digital mediums.  


Corrections Policy

When factual and spelling mistakes are found or brought to the attention of the staff, corrections will be printed in the next issue’s corrections box.

See the example below for styling.
Centerspread Pg. 10: The California Youth Crisis Line should be the Crisis Text Line.


Distribution Policy

The Smoke Signal is distributed to all students during Read period on the publication date for no cost. Subscriptions for delivery are $30 for 9 issues. To subscribe, email circulation@thesmokesignal.org.


Byline Policy

All writers who contributed to the article will be listed in the byline in alphabetical order. All photographers or artists will be credited in the text below the photograph or spread.