Sreetama Chowdhury

Staff Writer Sreetama Chowdhury is a first-year staff writer for the Smoke Signal. Besides writing, she enjoys performing with the MSJ Color Guard team and is the Lincoln-Douglas captain of MSJ Debate.   Click here to read…

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Quarantine Snapshots

by Staff Writer Sreetama Chowdhury We’re currently entering our sixth week of quarantine, and as shelter-in-place continues, Mission students have found many ways to occupy themselves in the safety of their own homes. To connect and…

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Perceiving Privilege in A Pandemic

by Staff Writers Megh Basu & Sreetama Chowdhury Quarantine until summer? A “bunch of bullsh*t,” according to actress Vanessa Hudgens. She’s far from the only person to express that sentiment — on March 10, a…

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Humans of MSJ: Back to School

By Staff Writers Alisha Chhangani, Gokul Ramapriyan & Sreetama Chowdhury Hear responses by students and faculty about their goals and expectations for the new school year in our latest edition of Humans of MSJ. Edited…

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