Lucia Li

Editor-in-Chief Senior Lucia Li is currently Co-Editor-in-chief of the Smoke Signal, having served previously as a Graphics co-editor and staff writer. When not working for the Smoke Signal, she tends to draw, listen to music,…

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New Faculty Online Extension

By Feature Editor Kikue Higuchi, A&E Editors Stephanie Dutra and Shray Vaidya, and Staff Writer Christine Dong MSJ welcomes three new staff members and 12 new teachers to the school this year. Check out the in-print New Faculty article in the upcoming September 21…

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IR: Sports Facilities Online Extension

By Staff Writers Rishi Chillara, Kikue Higuchi, Lucia Li & Maggie Zhao MSJ is currently undergoing an extensive modernization project using Measure E funds, with upgrades to the HVAC system, the parking lot, and the replacement…

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Editorial: Ditch the "dipping"

The Opinion of the Smoke Signal Editorial Board The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only system MSJ students have been known to game. Despite the best efforts of the administration and teachers, students constantly devise new ways to…

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