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2019-20 Staff Application

Click HERE for the application.

Apply to Journalism* and the Smoke Signal’s 2019-20 Staff! If you have any questions about the class, please visit our FAQ page.

The application is due on March 13 to M-2 by 4 p.m. Please bring your completed application package in person.

Here is some insight from current staff members on their Smoke Signal experience:

“My favorite memory from the Smoke Signal has to be the first story I ever wrote: an album review for Logic’s album, YSIV. The review was originally set to be a Kanye West Yandhi review, but after he decided not to release it, the Web Editors switched it to an album review for YSIV, which I was actually listening to anyways. To this date, I look back at that review as one of my favorite pieces of my own writing, and the fact that I had to scrap my ideas for the Yandhi review and start with another album made it all the more rewarding. I also remember making a ton of edits and going through multiple drafts, as naturally it was my first story that I wrote for the Smoke Signal. I’m very appreciative for the Web editors in staying patient and helping me craft the review into something that I was very proud of to put out.” — Staff Writer Gregory Wu

“The Smoke Signal has been one of my greatest and most rewarding commitments. As a first-year staff member, my experiences have rapidly fostered my growth in work ethic, communication and organization skills. The managers, editors, and our advisor, Ms. Cohen, provide the first-years thorough training and support, so that we know exactly what to do for each of our assignments. They make it clear that they’re always open to questions and will go out of their way to help us.” — Staff Writer Carolyn Qian

“The Smoke Signal has given me the most motivating, creative, talented, and loving family I would never have experienced anywhere else. There is an unbreakable bond within the staff that makes us function like the incredible team we have become. There is always more to learn and grow from, and that is one of the most important aspects of my personal development in this organization.” — Web Editor Shiantel Chiang

“My Smoke Signal experience overall will be a memory I will cherish forever. Whether it be chasing stories or designing pages, the Smoke Signal helped me step out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to take risks. Moreover, the sense of community present in the organization really made my experience enjoyable.” — Sports Editor Hannah Chou

Good luck to all applicants! We look forward to reviewing your applications.

 *Joining the Smoke Signal staff means the Journalism class is a part of your schedule. The class and the staff are one. Please be sure you have an available elective in your schedule in order to be eligible.

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