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Dear Diary: Book Character

By Staff Writer Helen Wang
Day 1
Dear Diary:
My reader just received her book! I’m so excited to embark on another literary journey with an enthusiastic student. To think of all the memories we will share together, of her experiencing all of my adventures. She’ll like this book for sure; I am the main character! As the hero of this action book, I journey and fight various monsters, and even though my book seems a little run-down and beat, it’s because of the plethora of students who enjoyed my story, discussed it with fellow students, studied with it, and wrote analyses about the various themes. The long list of names on the back of my front cover proves it. Her name, the newest one on the list, written in fresh ink … Nancy! Diary, it’s going to be another fun ride, hopefully. However, it does feel awfully stuffy in this backpack. 
Day 5 
Dear Diary:
I need you to help me get out of this purgatory. I’m positive that her teacher assigned at least the first seven chapters, yet here I am, stuck with crumpled binder paper and candy wrappers. Nancy, you are going to fail your next reading check quiz if you keep this up! 
Day 6
Dear Diary:
As the sun also rises, I have also gotten my first breath of fresh air. Nancy dug around in her backpack to pick up my book. I caught parts of her conversation: “I’m so going to fail this pop quiz! … What’s on the quiz? You better tell me!”. Nancy, you are definitely not my best reader. I’m so frustrated just standing here in the beginning of my book, reading over my own narration. 
Day 7
Dear Diary: 
Is it me? Is my journey fighting monsters and my internal conflicts really that boring to this lost generation? I mean, it has its prose and cons, but it is referred to as a “classic, must read!” Even though she doesn’t flip through my story, I get to experience it again and again. And again. Diary, what do I do? Nancy has been neglecting me again. Actually, I don’t need her like she needs me! I’ll just go back and memorize my story, I guess.
Day 8
Dear Diary: 
I was Thoreau-ly impressed when Nancy brought me back out again. However, she only halfheartedly flipped through the first few pages before putting me back down. Wait … is that Sparknotes I see on her computer? Diary, I sincerely hope she doesn’t do well on her test. She doesn’t deserve it at all. As a code hero, I’m still hurt, even more than what Medusa did, and you could bet she was hair-raising.
Day 9
Dear Diary:
Making use of my time, I decided to run through my own book for her. However, I couldn’t seem to get my vigor back like I used to. Neither the raging armies I faced, nor lovers and friends turned against me could light up my passion to overcome adversity and become the best literature hero ever. But who am I without a reader? 
Day 10
Dear Diary:
After running through the plot so many times, I think my side characters have gotten bored. I even made friends with a few of my so-called enemies! You see, even werewolves and vampires have a good side. You know what, diary, I don’t even think about Nancy anymore. Let her take her test, not knowing what she missed out on! 
Day 12
Dear Diary:
As Nancy placed me back into the basket in English class, she gloated that she got an A on her test. She doesn’t deserve that scarlet letter! Diary, I’m seriously contemplating whether or not to retire as a story. Even with newfound friends, I don’t think I can live a life meant to help students like Nancy. I am run-down and beat, right? As this never-ending cycle continues, I vehemently hope that students like Nancy will appreciate characters like me.
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