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2016 Election: CA Residents Speak

By Journalism 1 Staff Writers

The day after the 2016 elections, Journalism 1 staff writers of the Smoke Signal visited the streets of San Francisco and surveyed CA residents who voted during the elections. Journalists recorded how the surveyed residents felt about the presidential election, specific propositions, and the elections overall. The data and voices have been compiled as graphs and quotes below. 

1. Are you satisfied with the results of the presidential election?


2. Did you vote for or against requiring background checks for ammunitions purchases?


3. Did you vote for or against legalizing marijuana?



“I’m not really happy, I think. Anybody who’s not a white male is going to have a rough four years. Democracy’s still a thing, and I’m still thankful for America’s democracy.”

“People are all divided, and Trump promised them a lot. [I] just don’t know how he will manage those expectations.”

“After so many states legalized marijuana, it will be handed right back because of the government’s views, including gay rights and LGBTQ issues. Now, it is okay for anybody to discriminate.”

“I’m also disappointed about the divide between San Francisco and the rest of the world. I think Prop 55, which requires higher income taxes, affects San Francisco more because we just have a higher standard of living in the city.”

“I can’t stand Trump’s words, and it makes me concerned that America would vote for him.”

“I’m ready for America to turn around and have honesty, and Republican government [sic.]. I know California is a highly Democratic state, but I really think President Donald Trump will turn things around.”

“I wish there were more third party candidate options. I mean, there are, but I wish they were more viable options.”

“I’m totally disappointed with the election results. The process needs to change, and I don’t know how, so I can’t tell you. I’m absolutely horrified….However, it’s like what Hillary says. If we give up hope, all will be lost.”

“[The election] wasn’t the best, and unfortunately our generation was exposed to untrustworthy and one-sided candidates. Our generation didn’t step up, or we were overshadowed by the older generation voters.”

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