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Mission Possible Elects New Student Representatives

By Staff Writer Helen Wang

The Mission Possible Parent and Faculty Association (MPPFA) has elected four student representatives and one alternate on September 29. Senior Emily Shiang, Junior Haoyi Ding, Sophomore Ian Hsu, and Freshman Chloe Yu are the student representatives for their respective classes. Senior Sayan Bhattacharjee is the alternate student representative.

The MPPFA is a collaboration between the students, parents, faculty members, and any other members of the community interested in helping MSJ. Its activities include beautification of the campus, collecting donations, holding committee meetings, and connecting the gap between the faculty and the community. Some notable projects that they funded and worked on were the renovation of the A-Wing flex room, water stations, and iMacs in the library.

After recent changes to the leaders of the MPPFA and the school board, student representatives now have a greater presence in the association to develop student-faculty relations. Shiang said: “Last year I was also the Junior representative, and we really didn’t have much say in what went on, but it was just a way for the class to know about what the MPPFA did. But that wasn’t very effective, so this year what Betty [Bai] and the MPPFA are trying to do is to transmit information through these representatives to their class.”

In addition to communicating to their classes, student representatives also take part in the association’s committees that organize events, and meetings where they discuss noteworthy issues. Hsu said, “We have many different committees in charge of different events or purposes. The Grad Nite Committee organizes the Senior Graduation Night every year. We also have an Emergency Preparedness Committee that will be in charge of providing education on emergencies and supplies in a disaster. As a student representative, I take on a large role by working with the committee heads to help with anything the committees are working on.” Representatives also work on the drug and alcohol prevention program at MSJ.

The student body can communicate with the association primarily through the student representatives, but there are other ways to be a part of the MPPFA. The MPPFA is looking for volunteers and donations to purchase supplies in many instances. The MPPFA website has a tab for contacting the association. Students who are interested in the MPPFA and their events can also attend the meetings, which are from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the last Wednesday of each month in the A-Wing flex room. Students may contact the student representatives by email. Shiang’s email is, Ding’s is, Hsu’s email is, and Yu’s is They can also be contacted via Facebook messenger.

Currently, the association is working on obtaining class sets of textbooks for all subjects, as well as organizing a health and wellness event taking place on October 13.

Photos by Staff Writer Helen Wang

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