One Hell of a Concert: Mike Posner Review

By Centerspread Editor Ashley Chang & News Editor Ishika Chawla

Mike Posner performed at MSJ on August 15 for students after they won the High School Takeover contest hosted by the Bay Area radio station WiLD 94.9.

During the spring contest, local students voted for their respective high schools through assigned links to earn a concert by Posner. With the most votes, MSJ won the contest and welcomed the artist to its campus. The amphitheater was approximately two-thirds filled with students buzzing with anticipation 30 minutes before the performance. Posner gave a 40-minute concert and stayed for a quick meet-and-greet afterward.

Though expected to give a high-energy performance right from the start, the singer instead began with a few of his slower pieces, telling the students to simmer down and promising to bring the atmosphere up towards the end. Accompanied by his keyboard, Posner gave chilling renditions of his songs that described the hardships he endured to get where he is today. Discussing his journey from struggle to success, Posner delivered a strong message to a young audience. Through songs such as “One Hell of a Song” and “Be As You Are,” the artist was able to connect and relate to the students. This calmer section of the concert was a bit longer than expected and would have fared better in the latter half as a closing, but Posner’s talent and inspirational lyrics made an impact nevertheless.

Donning his guitar, Posner shifted the mood with exciting acoustic versions of his hit songs “Cooler Than Me” and “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” The crowd sang along as the artist belted out the well-known lines. With a slight twist, Posner inserted a poem-like monologue into “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” which embodied the message of perseverance he had intended to convey throughout the event. It was a nice touch that made the song more meaningful than the original version. He concluded his performance by thanking the students that attended and hosting a short meet-and-greet for eight students who had volunteered to participate in a dance battle at the beginning of the show, along with members of L2 and the administration. Afterwards, students followed Posner to his car, waving and taking in the last moments of the event.

Even though the concert was brief, Posner certainly packed in enough to give MSJ a day to remember.


Rating: B+


Photo by Opinion Editor Anthony Chen

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