2016 Relay for Life Live Coverage – 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

By: Staff Writer Ashley Chang

Photos by: Web Editor Jacinta Chang and Staff Writers Ashley Chang, Andrew Kan, and Deeksha Raina

As the soccer game ended, Junior Shohan Bhattacharya announced that Purple Couch and survivor thank you videos would be happening in English Teacher Jean Dotson’s room E2A. For Purple Couch, Relay for Life (RFL) participants were filmed stating the reason why they took part in the event. The RFL committee is going to compile the individual videos into one that will be viewed in the night, and posted on YouTube.

At 4:00 p.m., Bhattacharya called relayers to the stage to watch the performances. Crew LAF, consisting of Juniors Ashley Chen and Tiffany Li, performed first, showcasing a hip-hop routine. Seniors Charles Han and Chris Kwok performed next, entertaining the audience with their Harry Potter-themed dance. Cheers broke out for Senior Grace Dong as she ended the performances with an impressive solo.

Junior Yaseen Hakim kicked off Capture the Flag, during which relayers split into the red and yellow teams and competed for three games. The red team won Game 1 and the yellow team won Games 2 and 3, making the yellow team the overall winner.

Bhattacharya once again gathered relayers to the stage for Relay Idol. Audience members volunteered to sing and compete against other participants.

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