2016 Relay for Life Life Coverage – 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

By: Staff Writer Andrew Kan

Photos By: Web Editors Nithya Rajeev and Jacinta Chang, and Staff Writers Ashley Chang, Carolyn Ge, Andrew Kan, and Deeksha Raina

After lunch ended, Junior Yaseen Hakim described the Scavenger Hunt to the teams. The objective of the Scavenger Hunt for each team was to find as many specially marked ping pong balls, spoons, forks, and Nerf darts hidden inside MSJ as possible within the 15 minute time limit. Clues for the location of each object were given in an e-mail sent right before the event started. When Hakim finished his speech, the teams dashed towards campus. As the time limit approached, teams began to pour in near the stage. Each team said their team name and the number of items they found. Team Lumos, composed of Seniors Grace Dong, Annie Tang, Lindsay Yang, and Emily Zheng, found the most items at a total of six. They received cups that change color with temperature as a reward.


Afterwards, there was a break, and Senior Link Lee gave a brief rap performance. A small soccer game was held in the middle of the field with participants from various teams.

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