RFL Live Coverage 2015: 3:00-6:00

By: Staff Writer Deeksha Raina


The wind began to pick up as committee members announced the next activity of the day – a water balloon toss – to an excited crowd of relayers. Senior Ashna Guliani and Sophomore Khushbu Patel won as the last team standing in the competition. A few minutes after the competition, a team of committee members led by Junior Tanvi Raja taught Relay For Life’s official dance, the Wobble, to an energetic crowd. They plan to perform the dance later in the night as well.



After the Wobble, everyone took a short break, during which relayers played soccer and strummed guitars. Later, cued in by dramatic music, the open mic section of the evening began. Sophomore Yaseem Hakim kicked off the open mic session with an inspiring speech. Cheers broke out from the crowd after Hakim excitedly announced that MSJ raised $50,000 for Relay For Life. Freshman Anushree Nair began by playing guitar and singing her self composed song. Sophomore Ashlesha Sathe and freshman Mallika Gupta sang “Price Tag” by Jessie J to a clapping audience. Soon after, Sophomores Stephanie Tu and Kristie Chiang sang energetically to a waving crowd, while SophomoreTrevor Wu followed by singing a 1980’s pop-rock German song. Finally, Sathe went up once again to croon a short part of “Rolling in the Deep” before she was jokingly interrupted by Freshman Kanika Rao,  who performed a reenactment of a popular song by Youtube star Miranda Sings.

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