RFL Live Coverage: 12:00-3:00

By: Staff Writer Rishab Ramapriyan 


As the sun started to come out from behind the clouds, the excitement started to build. Relayers engaged in small games of soccer and football, while others travelled around the track to participate in the Fight Back Activities, which are small activities organized by the individual teams. Enthusiastic relayers took turns making laps around the track and various teams started selling food and drinks such as thai tea, cake, and hot dogs.

After a lunch break, relayers returned back to the stage area to participate in the carnival games such as dart throwing. Briefly following this were performances by various bands and student groups. Performers included Juniors Marilyn Nguyen, Amber Chiang, and Justin Nguyen, who performed “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. Freshmen Mallika Gupta and Sonia Sakleshpur followed them with a performance of “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. Junior Gouri Jamakhandi then performed “All of Me” by John Legend. The stage was then opened to volunteers and various student groups performed pieces.



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