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Woodshop Classroom Converted to Bookroom

By: Staff Writer Rishab Ramapriyan 

The long discontinued woodshop classroom, located behind the E-Wing, is currently being converted into a bookroom to house all the books on campus. At the start of the next year, students will go to the bookroom to pick up all their textbooks instead of going to various department locations.

The new bookroom will free up space all around campus where books are currently being stored. Individual departments can use these areas more effectively to store specific items. MSJ is the only high school in FUSD that does not have a central campus bookroom. Assistant Principal Jeff Evans said, “The bookroom is a much needed addition to our campus and will help free up space around campus and simplify the book check-out process.” The creation of a bookroom will also streamline the process for checking out books at the start of the year.

All of the machinery from the woodshop has been moved out and will be sent to the active woodshop program at Centerville. Evans said, “It is great that the machinery will be used at Centerville and not thrown away. It serves no purpose at MSJ as the woodshop program has been discontinued for around 10 years.” Additionally, all other equipment and supplies that cannot be reused has been discarded and the floor is currently being cleaned. Bookshelves will line both walls of the room and a center aisle of bookshelves will also be added. The water tower outside the woodshop will also be knocked down since it is no longer being used.

The bookroom will not interfere with the ceramics studio and drama storage, as that area will be separated from the bookroom. The bookroom will be finished in the upcoming months and books will be transferred to this location where they will be stored until MAZE day in August.

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