MSJ Goes Into Lockdown

By: Web Editor Nithya Rajeev

At 11:05 AM on Thursday,¬†MSJ went into lockdown due to two suspicious people near campus. Officer Pipp asked Principal Larsen to place the school into lockdown while he investigated the situation. In a statement released on their website and Twitter account, FUSD referred to the cause of the lockdown as “police activity in the area”. The lockdown was lifted at 11:25 AM, about 20 minutes after it started, and all suspicious activity was taken care of. Stay tuned for more updates.



Officer Pipp noticed the two suspicious individuals around 10: 50 AM, 15 minutes before the lockdown was implemented. Officer Pipp was not able to make contact with the people, which led to the Fremont Police Department to step in, and take care of the situation.

Regarding the efficiency of the lockdown, Principal Zack Larsen said, “I made the announcement, Ms. Claiborne notified the Superintendent’s Office, and all students and staff were inside classrooms in under a minute.”

Recalling his experience, Junior Alex Thomas said, “I was pretty scared, but it was pretty cool to see people who don’t usually talk to each other much, comforting each other.” The experience was less relaxing for Junior Shefali Sastry, who wasn’t in a classroom when she heard the lockdown announcement. “I was in a cafeteria on my way to get a drink of water when I heard the announcement, and frantically raced back to my class,” said Sastry.

Classes resumed as normal on Friday, January 16.


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