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Special Ed Students Score at Special Olympics

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By: Staff Writer Shivane Sabharwal 

MSJ special education students attended the Special Olympics at American High School last Friday on November 14. The Special Olympics is a sports competition held for special education students that occurs twice a year.

MSJ’s special education students have a history of performing well at the Special Olympics, winning prizes in last year’s events such as javelin and shot-put, and this year proved to be no different.

This year, the event was a soccer competition with players from both the Fremont Unified and New Haven School Districts. At the event, MSJ’s competitors defeated Kennedy High School 4-0, but lost to Logan High School 1-0. The top performers at the games were Taha Ali, with three goals, Moises Barrington, with one goal, and Kevin He, with four saves.

Special Education teacher Sujata Singh was very proud of her students and their performance at the event, saying that, “The students had little to no behavioral issues, and seemed to be having a lot of fun at the games. They were also one of the only teams who knew to kick towards the correct goal.” The students won awards for their performances at the games and are looking forward to the second Special Olympics event of the year, which is a basketball competition set tentatively for March.

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