Class of 2017 Sophomore Homecoming Review



Elsa: The sophomore skit is starting soon. Huh, the decorations look pretty sparse, I hope the sophomores will deliver.

Olaf: Oh Elsa, don’t be so cold. I’m sure your heart will warm up when you see the minion faces drawn on the bundles of yellow balloons attached to the front rails of the stage. The amphitheater’s sidewalls and bottom banner look a little barren, though. Ooh, and look! There’s a mall on the ramp that starts at the office. Can we go and shop for some summer wear?

Elsa: Not now, Olaf, although it seems enticing.

Bell rings

Elsa: Looks like the sophomores are filing in and making some noise. Nice. Wait, I can’t hear the skit or the first singing duet and band performance because of the technical difficulties.

Olaf: But that’s not their fault. Gru, Margot, Edith, and Agnes are doing a great job keeping the crowd warm through the blizzard, and the sophomore class is still cheering like a storm.

Elsa: Okay, I’ll let that go. (eyebrow raise) But the hip hop airband started out disorganized and did not leave much of an impression to me…

Olaf: Now don’t be such an icicle. Although the girls’ jazz dance had a slow start, the crowd went ecstatic when the boys took hold of the stage and performed some exhilarating ballroom stunts. Oh look, they’re just like a fresh snowfall, they’re covering the whole stage area!

Elsa: Oh, now I kind of get the plot. Kennedy is El Macho and Antonio, and the sophomore is Margot! It looks like they’re sticking pretty closely to the plot of the movie.

Olaf: Brilliant, they have distinctive roles for all the other classes: the cute, the nerdy, and the old.

Elsa: The characters were introduced well, and now that Margot has fallen for Antonio, it looks like Bollywood is up.

Olaf: Look at the fire that Bollywood is building. I’m melting in their class’ enthusiasm and the crisp wrist flicks and fast feet. They’re oh-so-in-sync for a group that has so many participants. This performance is worth melting for.

Elsa: Although the boys’ dance could use a gust of originality, it’s very energetic – they even have the seniors dancing.

Olaf: Elsa, give me that unity clap and dance along to the Tahitian airband. The plot segues well into the dance, but I’m having trouble staying engaged. Someone bring me a cup of hot chocolate.

Elsa: Yeah, even the sophomore class is lulling. They usually cheer super loudly whenever Margot enters or airbands perform, just like for K-Pop now.

Olaf: K-Pop airbands are as rare as carrots in winter. They’re doing a wonderful job using props like the flat-rimmed caps and dancing to very popular songs. Wow, are they lifting the boy? What a stunt! I’m blown off my feet.

Elsa: The skit could be wrapped up a little more cleanly, but the end dance really makes up for it with the entire cast dancing energetically and in sync.

Olaf: Clearly, the minions assembled with cheers, discipline, and teamwork.

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