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October Newsbytes #4


By: Staff Writer Sarina Chitre


Local: Water in San Jose Area Tests Positive for E. coli

Residents of a San Jose neighborhood are being told to boil any water they use for drinking or cooking after water in the area tested positive for E. coli. Three people have reported becoming ill, a San Jose Water Company spokesman said on Wednesday, October 22. They reported having stomach problems, vomiting, and diarrhea, and the company recommended they seek medical attention. Officials said the water is safe for regular household uses such as showering and washing clothes and dishes. Water company officials are not sure how the water became contaminated, but it is possible that a squirrel or another animal got into the pipe and defecated and spread the bacteria when work crews had replaced a water main pipe in the area.


National: New Measures Unveiled to Monitor Ebola

US health officials unveiled new measures on Wednesday, October 22 to carry out Ebola monitoring on anyone entering the country from the three nations at the center of a West African epidemic, increasing precautions to stop the spread of the virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that beginning October 27, travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be directed to check in with health officials every day and report their temperatures and any Ebola symptoms for 21 days, the period of incubation for the virus. The travelers will be required to provide emails, phone numbers and addresses for 21 days, and the information will be shared with local health authorities.


International: Shooter Fires Outside and Inside Canada’s Parliament

Several shots were fired outside and inside Canada’s parliament in Ottawa on Wednesday, October, 22nd. The incident came hours after Canada raised its terror threat level following a fatal hit-and-run attack on two soldiers earlier in the week. The gunman, said to be carrying a rifle, fired on soldiers guarding Canada’s main war memorial and then ran into the parliament building. Additional shots were fired inside the building, killing one bystanding soldier. Parliament security proceeded to shoot and kill the gunman. The shooter has as of yet remained unlinked to any terrorist groups.


Quirky: Australian Café Creates Organic Gender-neutral Gingerbread

The traditional gingerbread man has been a favorite treat for generations, but to make it more suited to life in 2014, one cafe has given it a makeover. A picture of an “organic genderless gingerbread figure” was shared on Reddit on Tuesday, October 21. The gender-neutral gingerbread is on sale at the Organic Food & Wine Deli in Melbourne, Australia. The owner of the trendy eatery, Jeanette Taylor, defended their gingerbread re-brand. “We’re organic and we like people to think about what they say and do and be responsible,” she said. “It’s just a bit of fun and it’s more about not offending people by writing man than someone saying well it’s not a man or woman.”

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