Safe Driving Candlelight Vigil

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By: Abigail Wong


A candlelight vigil was held by Mission San Jose High School’s PFA on Saturday, November 16 at Lake Elizabeth’s Performance Pavilion for a remembrance and an awareness of the effects of drinking and driving. A medley of individuals from the community gathered for a solemn evening of reflection and guidance.

The vigil began with an informational speech from Fremont Police’s Traffic Unit Officer, Mark Dang that followed a short introduction to the event. Officer Dang thoroughly explained the dangers of teenagers driving under the influence, ending with several tips for both parents and students in difficult situations involving alcohol and driving.

The stage then opened for the audience to share their thoughts, stories, and counsel. Whether it was regarding the recent accident or a general experience, each speaker shared a meaningful motivation for both the young and old. Amidst recent circumstances, the candlelight vigil served as a light in the darkness and a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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