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Juniors of Gotham City Review

Mike Ross: You know Harvey, I thought I was in a comic book store today, instead of Junior Homecoming. Man, that deco was amazing!

Harvey Specter: Those briefs you gave me said the comic strips along the N-wing railing were drawn by hand.

Mike: Yup! And the walkway cityscape, I never thought GothamCity would come to MSJ.

Harvey: Wait why did our clients make their backdrop smaller than the amphitheater  mural?

Mike: The hanging bats were on the small side too. I think for the next case, we need to tell our clients to make their amphitheater decorations bigger and more prominent.

Harvey: I didn’t get your report on the skit yet, Mike. Are you already slipping up?

Mike: Here it is! I had to add some more adjectives to describe how smart it was to kick off the performance with a band.

Harvey: Told you this case was unique. Although I couldn’t tell which character was which from what I saw.

Mike: The character roles were somewhat confusing, particularly Robin, the sophomore, who for some reason was sporting a red cape.

Harvey: The other characters were fine. Batman and the Joker had voices nearly identical to the ones in Christopher Nolan’s movies.

Mike: The Joker’s monologues ran for far too long though, and I was hoping that they would change some of the dialogue to fit the jury of MSJ.

Harvey: Speaking of the Joker, why didn’t you tell the witnesses to tell our jury that he came from an opposing high school? They might have been confused.

Mike: Even I, the best second-in-command, mess up sometimes.

Harvey: But overall, the story was really easy to understand and I’m sure the jury could understand everything.

Mike: I took notes on the airbands too, Harvey. One step ahead of the game!

Harvey: It’s not one step ahead if it is expected. So what exactly are your thoughts on them?

Mike: The all boys dance was daring and unique, featuring well-executed acrobatics which drew large cheers from the jury.

Harvey: There was definitely a wide variety of stunts today, but the ballroom dance fell short of my high expectations.

Mike: Don’t you have a heart, Harvey? They had the courage to perform such difficult moves, so they deserve some credit.

Harvey: I care more about winning than having a heart. But I have to admit that the closing hip hop routine was the perfect final argument.

Mike: See, I knew you weren’t a bad guy after all!

Harvey: Donna told me I had to mention that the transitions between the skit and the airbands were smooth.

Mike: I think we got a positive reaction from the jury, especially the junior block.

Harvey: Not bad rookie, especially for such a difficult case.

Mike: I can’t believe you complimented me.

Harvey: Make sure you tell the juniors that Pearson-Darby-Specter approves of their performance today.

Mike: The class of 2014 better put on their best suits tomorrow!

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