Freshmen of Paradise Falls Review


Helen: I walked with my maids down the horseshoe today and was happy to see a few decorations.

Paris: Yes, my love, I saw them too! But…it could have been a little better, don’t you think? The balloons were a little sparse and the sign for 2017 wasn’t standing up straight.

Helen: After some searching, I found some bunches of colorful balloons. Those added a lovely dash of color and were very fitting with the theme.

Paris: I also found the backdrop very colorful and well done! Definitely fit their theme and showed effort and dedication. More than I’m used to putting into battle, anyway.

Helen: Moving on. I saw prettier faces than yours today in the skit.

Paris: Well! I didn’t think the skit was all that good. I mean they did have some awkward transitions and I was confused at times.

Helen:  Stop projecting. You’re just bitter, and it shows on your face. I, on the other hand, was impressed by the Bollywood and lyrical airbands. A few of the earlier airbands could have used more energy, but the vigor and enthusiasm definitely picked up in the second half.

Paris: But what about the voice actors?

Helen: I think I really liked Russell. He had an adorable face and adorable voice; he was definitely the crowd favorite! I loved him.

Paris: What about my face? You dare ignore the blessings of Aphrodite?

Helen: What I found a little confusing, however, was the sophomore’s male voice. With a female on stage, it was a little befuddling. It could have been improved by finding a male actor instead. Using an actress for Kevin was clever though, since Kevin turned out to be a girl in Up. I also enjoyed how the senior towered over the freshman.

Paris: And the other characters? We were supposed to be playing the American Eagles, not the Kennedy Titans.

Helen: That definitely could have been avoided with more research. What did you think of the airbands? I thought the dance costumes, especially the ‘What’s Up?’ shirts, were a nice touch!

Paris: Even though there were some noticeably strong dancers, as groups they weren’t together all the time. And they could have had more connections to the plot and some more variety in the dance genres.

Helen: I agree; but I really liked the last dance and singing act! It was a little confusing when the skit ended though. More spirit on the part of the freshman audience could have definitely added something too. I saw a small patch of blue on the grass that could have been bigger and louder.

Paris: You see, what the freshmen don’t understand is battle formation. Nestor taught me their strength lies in their number. If they all sat together in the front and cheered, they would have been formidable.

Helen: Anything else?

Paris: Always. Tech was smooth for the most part, except for the first singing act. Were the mics on?

Helen: I don’t think so. But we should cut them some slack; this is their first ever performance! They were the first group to ever perform with a pre-recorded track. I think that explains some of the awkward pauses.

Paris: As I left I thought the freshmen made a valiant effort. Things like tech problems and understanding of the strength in number strategy can be easily improved for next year!

Helen: If today’s performance meant anything, I can swear by the River Styx that the class of 2017 will put on an outstanding performance next year!


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