1:30 PM-3:15 PM: Live Coverage of First MSJ Relay for Life

By: Catherine Wang


After lunch, the relayers continued to frequent the track by walking, jogging, skipping, and pulling each other in wagons. In between laps, team members relaxed by tossing footballs and frisbees. As loudspeakers played “Cha-Cha Slide”, a circle of students from various teams congregated in the center of the field to dance along.


After the Skipping Lap, participants  gathered in front of the stage to watch Senior Eamon Jahani perform an acoustic cover of “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 at 2:30 PM. Seniors Hilary Yen and Jessica Lee followed up with an energetic jazz dance performance.


Seniors Hilary Yen and Jessica Lee

The next themed lap was the Piggyback Lap.  “I thought the Piggyback Lap was my favorite because it was a lot of fun, but also a little frightening,” said Freshman Jacinta Chang. Participants are looking forward to Relay Idol and Mr. Relay, a male pageant, later on in the day.


Photos: Shirby Wang


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